Made with Love in Buffalo, New York

Turning Moments into Memories

Hey there, I'm Monica Bates, a Buffalo, New York-based photographer. My lens is my storytelling tool, capturing unguarded emotions, from the big 'I do' moments to the everyday candid instances. I've mastered not only the technical aspects of photography but also the art of connecting. Through my lens, I freeze time on your wedding day, capture the laughter of a family outing, and document the heart of your business.

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What I Capture



Your wedding day deserves to be remembered in all its splendor. My unobtrusive approach ensures that every stolen glance, tear of joy, and exuberant dance move is captured organically, resulting in a timeless collection that will transport you back to the magic of your day.



Every couple is wonderfully unique, and I believe your photographs should reflect that. Whether you're celebrating a special milestone, marking an engagement, or simply wanting to capture your love in a stunning setting, I tailor each session to match your style and desires.



Capture the real you in a single frame with my personalized portrait sessions. I focus on authentic expressions, creating a relaxed space where your genuine self shines. From professional headshots to personal branding, I aim to reveal the nuances that define you.



Beyond posed portraits, I strive to reveal the true essence of everyday life. Whether it's a family outing, a couple's adventure, the quiet moments spent at home, the newest furry friend addition to your family, a buzzing event, or telling a brand's story, I skillfully document the unscripted emotions.